Pokémon’s New Co-Op System Feels Very Genshin, And Me Likey

Genshin Impact’s brand of co-op play is my favorite type of multiplayer, so I’m happy to see it appearing in a game where it just makes sense: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

to recap Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s overnight announcements, The Pokémon Company revealed that the newest title in the pokemon series would support co-op play for up to four players. This will allow you and your buddies to travel across Paldea together on your furry-core Harley Davidsons.

All you’ve gotta do is head to Union Circle and invite up to three players to your world. From there, you can battle wild Pokémon, adventure through the land, and just hang out. As well as that, you and your band of merry men can also work together to defeat the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-looking MFers known as Tera Pokémon.

Trading Pokémon with other players through Link Trade, and making Surprise Trades, will also return to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. So too will Link Battles, allowing you to battle other trainers via the Poké Portal.

Now I’m gonna go on a tangent about why I think this kind of cooperative play is perfect for pokemon.

Friendly Co-Op Play In Pokémon Just Makes Sense

Pokémon's New Co-Op System Feels Very Genshin, And Me Likey
Image: The Pokémon Company

pokemonin my eyes, has always been a game best shared with friends old and new.

Since the beginning of the two-game system, knowing someone with the companion version and working with them to complete your Pokédex has been a massive part of the pokemon experience. At least, that’s what I would do with my brother.

As for the battle experience, showing off your team’s strength has always been a favorite for many. me personally? I don’t care much for it, as Pokémon battles were never what drew me to the series. Wacky, I know!

When it comes to the real-time multiplayer system shown off in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet section of the Pokémon Presents, the first thing that came to mind for me was Genshin Impactand perhaps that’s because I’ve been playing almost nothing but Genshin Impact for the past few weeks.

I have had a fantastic time with the Co-Op Play system in Genshin Impact because it’s just plain wholesome. It’s built on helping one another and leaves very little room for shenanigans. Of course, you don’t need to be playing with other people constantly and can choose to play alone, but the option for help is there. It’s nice.

So if I try to think hard about what kind of real-time multiplayer system would make the most sense in the pokemon world, it’s no surprise that Genshin Impact‘s Co-Op Play system comes to mind.

That’s because, in my opinion, pokemon is an experience best shared with friends in the most wholesome way possible. Hanging out around Pokémon together, catching them together, battling the big ones together. It works so beautifully, and if executed well, I think it could end up being a brand-new, much-loved staple of the franchise.

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