Everything You Need to Know About the Festival of Colors

pokemon go has become the favorite pastime of many gamers. For many years, Niantic has kept the attention of many pokemon fans with new in-game events, in-person meet-ups such as Pokemon GO Fests, and frequent updates that add new features and Pokemon to catch. As the game welcomes critters from the series’ seventh generation, a new event is about to start in Niantic’s hit mobile game featuring Oricorio, one of the series’ many form-changing Pokemon.


During The Pokemon Company’s presentation on February 27, it was announced that Pokemon GO would be getting new creatures from the Alola region seen in Pokemon Sun and moon. This update was launched on March 1, which saw the starters of the region, as well as Yungoos and Pikipek, be the first to be added out of the eighty-eight that live in the Hawaii-inspired region. Like many Pokedex updates to the mobile title, this only meant more would come later.

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Pokemon GO: Oricorio and Friends

The Festival of Colors event starts on March 15 at 10 AM local time and ends on March 20 at 8 PM local time. Once the event is live, players can encounter the newest Pokemon to the game, Oricorio, in the wild. The different forms Oricorio has are available in different regions across the world. Players in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be able to get Balie Style Oricorio, while American fans can obtain the Pom-Pom Style Oricorio. The Pa’u Style Oricorio can be found in the African, Asian, Pacific, and Caribbean islands, and Sensu Style Oricorio can be found in the Asia-Pacific region.

Alongside the many different Oricorio forms, players will have an increased chance of finding Drowzee, Amolamola, Horsea, Beautifly, Gligar, Slugma, Tailow, Trapinch, Duxtox, Turtwig, Croagunk, and Fletchling in the wild. Alongside those Pokemon, Jigglypuff, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Rockruff, Marowak, Chansey, Umbreon, Druddigon, Therian Tornadus, and Mega Lopunny will be found in their respective raids. Both Kantonian and Alolan Marowak will be available in these raids, as well.

Pokemon GO: Festival of Colors Rewards

While there are plenty of Pokemon for fans to catch, there will also be a Collection Challenge fans can complete for a limited time. It’s currently not known which creatures will be necessary for the Challenge, but the challenge will feature colors, the theme of the event. Most likely, players can expect to catch many Pokemon of different colors and types. For the fans that complete the collection challenge, they’ll be rewarded with progress towards the Elite Collector medal, as well as other rewards in the form of 20,000 XP, 3,000 Stardust, and a guaranteed Oricorio encounter with the form based on the region the player is in.

Field Research tasks during the Festival of Colors will offer all sorts of different creatures for fans to catch as their rewards. The Pokemon available to get from the event’s Field Research consists of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Alolan Grimer, Castform, Burmy, and Oricorio. Fans can also get Mega Energy for Venasaur, Charizard, and Blastoise during the event. The shop will feature special event-themed avatar items in the shop as well.

Even though many players were upset to hear that another Pokemon would be made a regional exclusive, even if it’s just the many different forms of Oricorio, there’s still plenty for fans to look forward to with the Festival of Colors event regardless. Players can reap the rewards of catching the event creatures in all sorts of ways, be it completing the Collection Challenge, or gathering Stardust and Candy for other Pokemon players have caught.

This isn’t the only event planned for the Season of Alola update for Pokemon GOeither, as after the Festival of Colors finishes, another event titled Lush Jungle is planned for the game starting on March 22. As Pokemon GO continues to add new creatures, with two generations worth of Pocket Monsters to add once the game has finished with Alola, players should keep an eye out for even more fun events similar to Festival of Colors in the future.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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