Dinkum: How to Get and Open Shiny Stones

Shiny Stones are a rare resource in Dinkum that can contain a variety of Ores, such as Tin, Copper, or Iron. These materials are essential for constructing structures and other settlement buildings within the community. Occasionally, Shiny Stones can also drop Opal, a valuable mineral that can be sold for a high profit of Dinks, the currency of Dinkum. These rare stones share similarities to the Geodes of Stardew Valley, which are Mineral Deposits that offer varying values ​​once opened. Accordingly, it will be highly beneficial for fans to know how to find and open these “Geode-like” Shiny Stones in Dinkum.

Finding And Opening Shiny Stones In Dinkum

Finding and Using Shiny Stones In Dinkum

Shiny Stones in Dinkum can be acquired from Stone nodes found through the wilderness of the outback. They appear as rare drops, meaning that it is largely up to chance whether a player is able to harvest a Shiny Stone from a node.


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before Dinkum fans are able to collect Shiny Stones from Stone nodes, they will need to acquire a Mining License and a Pickaxe. The Pickaxe can be purchased from the store for 1,200 Dinks, and the license can be unlocked with 250 Permit Points. Dinks can be earned by selling items to the storekeeper, and Permit Points are acquired by completing Milestones. Once players have procured these two items, they can head out into the wild in search of Shiny Stones. Unlike regular chunks of Stone, Shiny Stones have noticeable streaks of yellow that go across their rugged exteriors. Additionally, this resource appears more frequently within the Mines. However, players must acquire the Deep Mining License, which unlocks the Mine Deed. This did grants fans the ability to create the Mines using the materials below:

  • Old Keys ×2
  • Tin Bars ×5
  • Copper Bars
  • Bags of Cement ×10
  • Old Gear ×10
  • Old Contraption ×1
  • Dinks ×250,000

After collecting several Shiny Stones in Dinkum, the next step is to open them to obtain their internal resources. This endeavor can be done by buying a Stone Grinder from John’s shop for 10,000 Dinks. Once the purchase has been completed, return to the player farm and place the grinder in any location. Next, equip the Shiny Stones and put them into the Stone Grinder to remove the excess rock and produce a useful Ore or valuable Opal. The grinding process for a single Shiny Stone should take only several seconds, so players do not have to wait long to receive their refined minerals.

Dinkum is available on PC.

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