2 Cups Of Grapes Per Day Could Help You Live Longer, Study Shows

Recently published studies suggest that grape consumption may have a positive impact on health and lifespan. Adding more grapes to a high fat Western diet could decrease the risk of fatty liver disease and increase longevity. Despite the positive results, experts say that grape consumption is not a cure-all for poor eating habits and does … Read more

5 Warning Signs You Should Stop Drinking Wine Immediately — Eat This Not That

Wine has always been cast as a good type of alcohol for our health. It’s welcomed in the highly-successful Mediterranean Diet. It’s considered beneficial for your heart health because of its antioxidants. It’s so ingrained in our culture even Jesus drank it. And yet, drinking alcohol of any kind—including wine—can create some negative effects on … Read more

The #1 Best Cheese for Preventing Osteoporosis, New Study Suggests — Eat This Not That

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Vitamin D Supplementation Seems to Alleviate Depressive Symptoms in Adults

Summary: The findings of an extensive meta-analysis study reveal vitamin D supplementation may help to alleviate symptoms of depression. source: University of Eastern Finland An extensive meta-analysis suggests that vitamin D supplementation may alleviate depressive symptoms in adults with depression. Conducted by an international team of researchers, the meta-analysis includes dozens of studies from around … Read more

Menopause weight loss: New diet plan ‘without calorie counting or exercise’ – what to do

There are hundreds of diets online targeted at menopausal women, but methods that are plant-based have proven to be successful at curbing some uncomfortable symptoms. And there has been evidence found to suggested women can reach a healthy weight if they switch to a plant-based diet. While there are a variety of different diets to … Read more