10 Anime That Need More Plot

Contrary to popular belief, the lack of a riveting plot hardly translates to dull or boring. Motion pictures embody more than just a storyline. Oftentimes it’s a film or series’ cinematography, dialogue, and likability of character that makes or breaks their success in the entertainment industry.

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Some of the most popular anime are plotless slice-of-life shows that provide the audience an escape from the mundanity of everyday life. Besides the fan-favorite comedies, there’s a portion of known anime that woefully suffer from a lack of a captivating narrative. Whether this can be overlooked depends on the show’s remaining redeemable qualities.

10 Saiki K. Is An Interesting Enough Protagonist To Guarantee Success (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. follows the chaotic life of Saiki Kusuo. The titular character has a majorly enticing background as an all-encompassing psychic who desperately yearns for normalcy. This setup may sound rather mundane, but Saiki is more than just a fuchsia-haired student obsessed about coffee pudding.

Saiki’s stoic features and deadpan humor never fail to hit the mark, not to mention the countless anime references and fourth wall breaking the series goes through. Over time, Saiki unintentionally collects the weirdest personalities into his friend group. Odd as they may be, the audience can’t get enough of Saiki avoiding his friends like the plague and failing every single time.

9 Rosario + Vampire Falls Short Because It Ignored Its Manga (Rosario + Vampire)

Rosario + Vampire isn’t the first anime to stray from its written predecessor. However, it’s one of the few that monumentally flops when compared to its manga. This isn’t to say that the anime is entirely horrible. Frankly, if a viewer goes into the anime with zero expectations, it has a solid chance of being halfway decent.

While most anime simply hasten a storyline, Rosario + Vampire chooses a completely different genre to produce its anime in. The manga is an action-packed story rife with mystery and intrigue, whereas the anime overdoses on the romance-comedy aspect of the plot. With the main plot discarded, Rosario + Vampires premise is a waste in its anime iteration.

8 Ranma’s Enigma Loses Screen Time For Comedy (Ranma 1/2)

Cursed with a new gender from a drop of cold water makes life rather difficult for Ranma. There are infinitely different directions Ranma 1/2‘s creators could’ve gone to dissect the character and develop the story. Struggles with identity and undeniable romantic tension are teen dramas’ bread and butter.

With the glaringly obvious non-binary metaphor, Ranma’s strange conundrum also could’ve squeezed in a queer story arc. Yet, neither plot point was properly developed — at least not to the level of justice it deserves. instead, Ranma 1/2 made room for comedy that the audience appreciated but could use less of.

7 Horimiya Proves That Doing The Least Can Give The Most (Horimiya)

Like most conventional high school series, Horimiya has a pretty straightforward storyline. The popular girl everyone wants to date falls for the school hermit despite his social shortcomings. Horimiya doesn’t lean into unnecessary and immature high school dramas like most teen flicks, but this does nothing to dampen its allure.

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Hori doesn’t fall head over heels for Miyamura immediately. Miyamura also doesn’t gain popularity or shake off his social awkwardness right off the bat. Both characters grow and evolve to complement each other in the best way possible. Fans love the natural progression of the couple. It also doesn’t hurt that Hori is not the typical damsel in distress that anime loves so much.

6 Fairy Gone Flows Like A Wikipedia Page (Fairy Gone)

Fairy Gone squandered one of the most riveting premises in anime by taking the wrong approach. Set in a fantasy where fairies are weapons of war instead of gardeners in glittery pink dresses, Fairy Gone was expected to revolutionize the fairy landscape and debunk the latter imagery.

The dark fantasy missed the perfect opportunity to create a unique world. There is no story progression whatsoever. It wastes episodes on exposition rather than actualization. Fairy Gone makes a once-in-a-lifetime premise sound like a university lecture instead of letting drama unfold, characters evolve, and natural worldbuilding take the wheel.

5 Tatsu Makes Delivering A Lunch Box A Life-Or-Death Mission (The Way Of The Househusband)

A legendary yakuza member swapping out his gun for an apron makes for an appealing story. Not shaking off old habits, Tatsu from The Way of the Househusband takes every little chore way too seriously. From making the cutest, most delicious lunch boxes to getting the best deals on groceries, Tatsu strives to become as impressive a homemaker as he was a gang member.

Whether the plotless anime is worth a watch entirely depends on the community. The manga is known for its deadpan humor and perfect comedic timing. Supposedly, the controversial motionless animation is meant to contribute to this fact. However, some argue that the choppy panel transitions are too much of a headache, distracting viewers from their unique comedy.

4 Lupine Has Managed To Stay Relevant For Over 50 Years (Lupine III)

Anime tend to have an undying loyal fan base. Presumably, this is how the fan-favorite criminal has stayed relevant for over five decades. The hype for lupine III, like most anime royalty, has not died since its initial release in 1967. Usually, a formulaic plot gets repetitive and tiresome very quickly, but Lupine III confirms that a show doesn’t need a dramatic, overarching plot to be a hit.

For over 50 years, fans have raved about Lupine and his gang pulling heist after heist, simultaneously running from his arch nemesis detective Zenigata. The series has made its mark in anime history without a convoluted plot, and that is no easy feat.

3 There’s Nothing Fantastical About Baking (Shining Hearts: Bread Of Happiness)

Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness isn’t the first fantasy anime to take the lowkey approach, but it’s among the most dreamy and lifeless ones out there. Without a compelling premise, a mesmerizing world, and an intricate story, the series has no saving grace. The plot isn’t even properly introduced until the third episode.

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Even then, the story never progresses, and plot points never develop. The same goes for the cast. With no growth in characters, everyone comes off flat, leaving viewers with virtually nothing to hang on to. Dedicating most of their valuable screen time to baking and bread-lovers raving about gluten, Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness leaves much to be desired.

2 Spies & Assassins Can Make People Laugh Too (Spy x Family)

The up and coming anime Spy x Family has the anime industry in a chokehold. Fans around the world acquired a strong attachment to the fake family. With a cold-blooded assassin for a mom, an unbeatable spy for a dad, and a pink-haired psychic for a child, Spy x Family has a definitely intriguing premise.

The main storyline of the anime centers around a reputable spy in urgent need of a family to execute his mission to perfection. This turns out to be more difficult than he thought, as he adopts an inquisitive psychic obsessed with spies for a daughter and a socially-awkward assassin for a wife. It’s wholesome and light-hearted despite the lack of an intricate plot.

1 Everyone’s Simply Living In Ichika Orimura’s World (Infinite Stratos)

Considering Ichika is the only male in an all-female Infinite Stratos Academy, it isn’t too abnormal that everyone romantically gravitates toward him. What is unbelievable, though, is how every girl falls for him when he has practically no personality. By extension, the prospective relationships around him have no meat to them.

There’s no substance to any relationship on the show, as though every character was created especially for Ichika, practically a figment of his imagination. The tedious story progression is mind-numbingly monotonous. There’s no drama and excitement which seems rather impossible for a harem anime about exoskeleton weaponry.

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