Wahoo Powrlink Zero dual-sided power meter pedals – long-term review

A power meter version of the iconic lollipop pedal was something Speedplay users had been looking forward to for years – and the Powrlink Zero delivers on all levels.

Wahoo acquired Speedplay in 2019 and launched an overhauled, pared back and improved version of the range in March 2021. The Powrlink Zero is based on the Speedplay Zero (opens in new tab) pedal with its stainless steel spindle and, like the standard Wahoo Speedplay pedals, is compatible with standard Speedplay cleats (included in the box).


Wahoo Powrlink Zero pedal viewed from above

(Image credit: Simon Smythe)

Like rival power meter pedals the Garmin Rally (opens in new tab)and Favero Assioma (opens in new tab)the Powrlink Zero calculates cadence data as well as total power, left/right balance and other standard training metrics such as TSS (training stress) and IF (intensity factor), though it doesn’t incorporate ‘cycling dynamics’ features such as torque effectiveness and pedal smoothing.

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