This Morning slammed with hundreds of Ofcom complaints about Spin To Win change

THIS Morning has received hundreds of Ofcom complaints after they offered to pay energy bills as a competition prize on the Spin to Win game.

The TV watchdog has confirmed that they received 170 official complaints from upset viewers.

This Morning has been hit by 170 Ofcom complaints as they offer to pay energy bills


This Morning has been hit by 170 Ofcom complaints as they offer to pay energy bills
The show offered energy bills as a new prize on Spin to Win


The show offered energy bills as a new prize on Spin to Win

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield returned to the ITV chat show on Monday, meaning the popular competition was also back.

Players get the chance at winning a big cash prize after a spin of the wheel.

But Holly and Phil stunned viewers as they revealed a new prize had been introduced to the game.

Viewers will be able to win a cash prize, with £1,000 and £3,000 still up for grabs on the wheel.

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But bosses have now added energy bills to the wheel, meaning the show will pay the winner’s energy bills for four months if they land on it.

Holly and Phil were thrilled to get through to a caller on the first attempt.

The competition winner picked Phil’s wheel and after a spin it landed on energy bills.

The viewer was chuffed with the result and emotionally told the presenting duo that he had been worried about his increasing energy prices.

But viewers were less impressed and pointed out that the major change highlighted the horrifying state of the country.

One wrote: “I hope whoever gets the prime minister position does something about the energy bills and cost of living crisis because relying on a TV show giving away money is ridiculous. #This Morning”

Another fumed: “What af***ing country when people can win their energy bills. Stop voting for scumbags that don’t care about you. #This Morning”

A third echoed: “It’s so sad that if you win Spin to Win, they’ll pay your energy bills. It used to be win a holiday, the absolute state of things is horrifying. #ThisMorning.”

“I can’t believe you can win your energy bills as a prize on Spin to Win, like that’s how bad it’s got. #ThisMorning,” another annoyed viewer tweeted.

A fifth chimed in: “Competitions to win having your energy bills paid should not be normal. What a sad state this country is in. #ThisMorning

Another disgruntled fan commented: “Oh god, you can now win payment of your energy bills. That is terrifying because how do you acknowledge the cost of living problem like this but refuse to talk about it properly. #ThisMorning”

Someone else agreed: “When you can win the prize of having your energy bills paid and they pretend like it’s a good thing, that’s when you know this country is f***ed. #ThisMorning”

It comes after annual energy bills for the average household could soar to as much as £6,000 next year, experts have warned.

The cap is already expected to reach £3,576 in October and £4,799 in January.

It currently stands at £1,971. A new price cap – which will take effect on October 1 – is expected to be announced on Friday 26 August.

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The forecast will come as a major blow to families already struggling during the cost of living crisis.

Around 45 million people are predicted to fall into fuel poverty this winter.

Viewers slammed the show as 'tone deaf'


Viewers slammed the show as ‘tone deaf’

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