The Ascent’s DLC adds glowing neon melee weapons

Cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent (opens in new tab)‘s got a big DLC ​​on the way, called Cyber ​​Heist, that’ll add a journey to a whole new cyberpunk arcology for your mercenary for more cooperative shootin and—in a whole new twist—slashin. The Cyber ​​Heist DLC will add melee weapons to The Ascent, like a big sword, or a big hammer, which naturally have neon on them because if it doesn’t fit the aesthetic why bother.

The Cyber ​​Heist is a pretty big sounding DLC, which I think we used to call expansions, and adds a post-game campaign about visiting another big arcology city owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. You won’t have to complete the main campaign to play Cyber ​​Heist, as long as someone in the co-op group has completed it.

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