Kate Greville ‘ashamed’ she stayed with ex-footballer who ‘promised the world’

Eventually, Mr Giggs again left alone and went back to the hotel room alone, the court was told. We come onto what happened that evening, according to Mr Giggs’ team: Chris Daw QC (CD): You were with other people, all work-related to Ryan. Kate Greville (KG): Yes. CD: And then he then went to hotel … Read more

Putin gas cutoff will send European oil demand soaring – live updates

Good morning. Rapidly-rising interest rates won’t take the heat out of the UK’s housing market, a new report says. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) says a lack of properties coming onto the market will offset waning interest from buyers in the coming year. A lack of properties for sale is expected boost prices, … Read more

The very simple task which may keep dementia at bay

The researchers say this is the first time social activity has been scrutinized for its ability to protect against dementia, and the researchers call for more work to look into the link, “especially in the context of Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine strategy”. “This meta-analysis suggests that being active has benefits, and there are plenty of … Read more

Tory slanging match turns ugly as top Liz Truss backers scorn Rishi Sunak about Brexit red tape

A Sunak campaign spokesman then issued another comment, accusing Ms Truss of policy changes that were not “moral”. “It’s all very well offering empty words about ‘doing all you can’,” said the spokesman. “But there aren’t lots of different ways to act on this. Taking action means providing direct support, which Truss had previously dismissed … Read more

Quarter of Britons housing Ukrainian refugees want to end arrangement after six months

The ONS surveyed all UK adults registered with the scheme as of July 7, in collaboration with the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), with 17,702 people responding. Recent government figures show 145 placements have ended with Ukrainian refugees finding themselves homeless, 90 because the relationship broke down and 55 where the accommodation … Read more

Scottish government ‘considering formal plea to British Army’ to help house Ukrainian refugees

SNP ministers are considering issuing a formal plea to the British Army and hiring a second cruise ship to house Ukrainian refugees, after Nicola Sturgeon’s flagship “super sponsor” scheme descended into chaos. The Telegraph understands that Scottish government officials have discussed the highly usual step of making a Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) request … Read more

Breeding lab with 4,000 beagles ‘who have never been held’ shut down

A huge dog rehoming effort is underway after 4,000 beagles were removed from a facility in Virginia which was breeding them to be sold to laboratories for drug experiments. In what is thought to be one of the largest dog rescue efforts in US history, the beagles were taken from an Envigo site in Cumberland, … Read more

New satellite images show massive damage at Russian air base in Crimea

“One way to interpret those craters is precise strikes from a long-range munition,” speculated Elliot Higgins of Bellingcat, which analyzes Russian losses in Ukraine. However, another suggested the ammunition storage buildings may not have been hit in a long-range attack, but it was instead possible they were rigged and detonated remotely by Ukrainian special forces. … Read more

University berated for allowing ‘PhD in masturbation’

The University of Manchester has been criticized by an MP for allowing a student to publish a “PhD in masturbation”. Karl Andersson was researching the “shota” genre of Japanese comic books which center around prepubescent or pubescent male characters depicted in a “suggestive or erotic” manner. In the abstract for his project, which has been … Read more