Covid face masks ‘devastating’ bird populations all over the world

Dr Alex Bond, one of the researchers involved in the project from the Natural History Museum in London, said human debris impacting avian wildlife is a “global issue”. “When you start looking for this stuff, you’ll see it everywhere,” he told the BBC. “We had reports from Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, the UK, North America.” … Read more

Great Barrier Reef bursts back to life… but climate change still poses a threat

The reef, which stretches for nearly 1,500 miles along the coast of Queensland, has been badly impacted by climate change in recent years and has suffered a series of “mass bleaching” events, where stressed coral turns white. However, scientists revealed that the northern and central parts of the reef now have the highest amount of … Read more

Nurse violated professional and ethical boundaries by contacting teenage mental health patient

Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Vanessa Caldwell said maintaining professional boundaries was an integral part of health services. Photo / Supplied A mental health nurse crossed the line after contacting a schoolboy they were treating on social media and sending him messages of a “personal nature”. The nurse met the vulnerable teenager after he was … Read more