New study confirms that COVID-19 vaccines can temporarily affect menstruation

The study, published in the medical journal BMJ, looked at nearly 20,000 women around the world who self-reported their menstrual cycle through Natural Cycles, an FDA-cleared birth control app. Study participants who were vaccinated reported, on average, a nearly one-day day increase in the length of their menstrual cycle length after receiving their first COVID … Read more

From raising your risk of diabetes to ageing you quicker than SMOKING: All the dangers of loneliness

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. While the crushing feeling can be isolating, it is far different to chronic loneliness, a rapidly growing problem described as a public health emergency. Its devastating impact on mental well-being — that it raises the risk of depression, anxiety and stress — has been widely known for decades. … Read more

Florida health care facilities evacuate patients after Ian

Thousands of people were evacuated from nursing homes and hospitals across Florida on Thursday even as winds and water from Hurricane Ian began receding. Hundreds of those evacuations were taking place across the hard-hit Fort Myers region, where damage cut off potable water to at least nine hospitals. Kristen Knapp of the Florida Health Care … Read more

How Many Cups of Coffee You Should Drink Per Day, According to ‘Science’

Photo: sebra (Shutterstock) A study that’s in the news right now claims that people who drink two to three cups of coffee per day live longer than people who avoid coffee. So should we all be drinking two to three cups? Not necessarily. Let’s take a look at where these numbers come from. Two to … Read more

Obesity should be considered a brain disorder like autism or ADHD, US doctors sensationally claim

Obesity should be considered a brain disorder like autism or ADHD, doctors claim It occurs due to brain developments occurring in childhood, the study found Preventing these could halt the ‘worldwide obesity epidemic’, researchers said The study in mice found childhood brains are sensitive to later weight regulation By Caitlin Tilley, Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com … Read more

Experts advise against giving your restless child melatonin about poisoning fears

Parents are being warned against giving children melatonin following a surge in accidental poisonings. Experts said there is no evidence the over-the-counter supplement helps them get to sleep and they have no idea what is actually in many products. The number of children being hospitalized every after ingesting melatonin has surged by six-fold as it … Read more

GOP states sue Biden administration on student loan plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Six Republican-led states are suing the Biden administration in an effort to halt its plan to forgive student loan debt for tens of millions of Americans, accusing it of overstepping its executive powers. It’s at least the second legal challenge this week to the sweeping proposal laid out by President Joe Biden … Read more

Child vaccines may raise the risk of asthma by a THIRD, shock Government-funded study finds

It has been a question pondered by scientists mostly on the fringes for decades. Now a federally-funded study has found a possible link between vaccines containing aluminum and a higher risk of asthma in children. Results showed children who received all or most of their routine childhood shots had a 36 per cent higher risk … Read more

Don’t go on a weight-loss diet if you’re not obese…, Harvard study hints

Going on a dramatic weight-loss diet when you’re not obese could actually harm your health years later, a major study suggests. People already quite lean who lost 10lbs (4.5kg) were at a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes a decade later compared to their peers who didn’t go on an extreme diet. They were also … Read more

Vaccination rates for ALL 14 childhood jabs ‘has fallen in the last year’

Outbreaks of measles, polio and other diseases largely confined to history are ‘probably’, experts warn as data shows childhood vaccine uptake has fallen across the board. Fewer than six in 10 under-5s in parts of England were inoculated against serious illnesses, such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio by March 2022. Uptake fell by up to … Read more