Climate change is making over 200 diseases worse and our immune systems weaker, study finds

More than 58 per cent of human diseases have gotten worse because of climate change, according to a new study. The groundbreaking researchpublished in Nature Climate Change on Monday, was conducted by researchers at Mamoa’s University of Hawaii, who carried out a systematic search for real-life examples of the impact of ten climatic hazards worsened … Read more

Huge relief as Ukrainian grain shipped out, but the food crisis isn’t going anywhere

CNN  —  As the Razoni left the Ukrainian port of Odesa on Monday with the first shipment of grain since the early days of Russia’s war in Ukraine, there were sighs of relief from Somalia to Turkey, Indonesia and China, given how reliant these countries have been on Ukrainian grain to meet their daily needs. … Read more

Want to Beat the Heat? Try These Century-Old Recipes.

With highs hovering near 40 degrees Celsius in much of southern China, pretty much everyone is looking to beat the heat. Some have flooded relatively cooler provinces like Yunnan; others are cranking up their air conditioners and debating whether to pay increasingly extortionate prices for ice cream. For the rest of us, there’s still the … Read more

The miserable truth is that our leaders don’t want us to have cheap energy

No, the energy crisis is not some unforeseeable consequence of the Ukrainian war. It is the result of years of wishful thinking, preening and short-termism. We sit on 300 years’ supply of coal. We have rich pockets of gas trapped in rocks beneath Central Scotland, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Sussex. We have as good a claim … Read more

Covid face masks ‘devastating’ bird populations all over the world

Dr Alex Bond, one of the researchers involved in the project from the Natural History Museum in London, said human debris impacting avian wildlife is a “global issue”. “When you start looking for this stuff, you’ll see it everywhere,” he told the BBC. “We had reports from Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, the UK, North America.” … Read more

Great Barrier Reef bursts back to life… but climate change still poses a threat

The reef, which stretches for nearly 1,500 miles along the coast of Queensland, has been badly impacted by climate change in recent years and has suffered a series of “mass bleaching” events, where stressed coral turns white. However, scientists revealed that the northern and central parts of the reef now have the highest amount of … Read more

Cameras catching congestion zone flouters may be illegal

Professor Sampson, a former chair of the Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives, said there was support for the Government’s policy of reducing emissions and encouraging cleaner vehicles. But he said the advisory group he chaired was concerned the extension of ANPR to enforce it “is not justified and there is limited evidence that … Read more

Melting glacier is moving the Italian-Swiss border

An alpine refuge has found itself at the center of an unusual border dispute between Switzerland and Italy as a result of a melting glacier. Traditionally, the border between the two countries high up in the Alps has been delineated by the watershed, which marks the point at which meltwater flows down towards one nation … Read more

Italy on high alert as scorching temperatures threaten historic buildings and agriculture

The Colosseum could start crumbling, grapes may wither on the vine, a risotto shortage is on the cards and olive oil could run dry as Italy bakes under a crippling heatwave and drought. Nineteen cities were on high alert across Italy on Sunday amid warnings that record summer temperatures could cause irreparable damage to historic … Read more