Plantopia Figure Project Posts Anime PV Depicting The Encounter between Two Girls

At the ongoing “Smile Fest 2022” event, an illustration of the scale figure and an original anime PV for Plantopiaa new large-scale collaborative figure project by Nozomu Kuoka (TECHNOROID), LAMB (wake up.), and Kukka (D_CIDE TRAUMEREIA), were finally revealed.

This project is set in the far distant future, where a new life form called “Flowerian” lives, and various contents, including manga, anime, and games, will be developed with the figures as a starting point. As the first plan, the serialization of the novel by Nozomu Kuoka started on the web novel site kakuyomu on August 6. Then, an crowdfunding project for the scale figure produced by Good Smile Company will begin on Kickstarter on Aug 26.

The original illustration for the figure is by illustrator LAM, and the figure’s base is inspired by the “Moon Garden” from the teaser visual drawn by Kukka.

The original anime PV is an edited version of the music video collaborating with male singer mafumafu‘s new song “Shitsurakuen” (Paradise Lost) and Plantopia. The full music video will be released in October. It depicts the story of a human girl, Haru, and a flower girl weaving their way through a mysterious world covered in plants.

Yuki Igarashiwho won high acclaim both in Japan and abroad for his work on the “Lop and Ocho” episode in Star Wars: Visions in September 2021, served as director, and OUTLINEan animation studio led by Igarashi himself, worked on anime production.

“Plantopia Project Animation Spot” CM version:

Narration version:

Source: Good Smile Company press release

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