Mortal Online 2 Beta-Era Trailer Shows Where Things Started Before Planned UE5 Upgrade, Epic Launch Come

Star Vault has released a beta-era “This is Mortal Online 2” trailer. The team is looking on where the game was and what’s ahead, with an Epic Games Store launch and an Unreal Engine 5 update on the way.

The trailer was originally set to be released at launch, but because of launch issues and a lot of work needing to be done to get the game into a better place, increase capacity, and essentially just make the thing work, it was never released. Since the team paused subscriptions and all marketing at the time, it was simply scrapped until now. Star Vault CEO Henrik released the trailer on his livestream that also talked about what’s ahead.

And what’s ahead? The release on the Epic Games Store and a migration over to Unreal Engine 5, which will happen simultaneously. Star Vault decided to release this trailer now to show where the experience was and plan to create a brand new trailer for the Unreal Engine 5 update, which will show off major graphical improvements and more once that release is ready.

They have also released a ban report for July, following the recent release of new community standards and vowing to be better at enforcing their rules to create a healthier community. In July, the team banned 63 accounts, 11 of those for exploits, 39 for hacking, eight for duping, five banned for targeted harassment, and two were previously banned accounts who decided to try playing again.

Any duped gold or items were removed, and some harassment bans were temporary. In terms of exploits, the team is aware of some using Alt+F4 to force close out of the game and escape danger and prevent losses. This is an exploit and they are warning that accounts will get a strike Mortal Online 2 works with a three strike system. This transparency is a start and should keep the community updated.

For more, head over to Mortal Online 2.


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