Galaxy Z Fold 4 owners: Do not follow this piece of advice

Last updated: September 6th, 2022 at 19:46 UTC+02:00

Are you tired of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s foldable display crease? Well then, here’s a story about something you shouldn’t do. A new report explaining how one could make the Z Fold 4’s display crease less noticeable by literally breaking the phone apart is making the rounds. So, without further ado, here’s a non-solution to a problem that barely exists among Galaxy Z Fold users; one that you should avoid at all costs. Call it a PSA, if you will.

Multiple reports have recently suggested that peeling off the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s protective film will make the display crease less visible, advising Samsung customers to “do so [peel the film] with caution.” But here’s the problem. Galaxy Z Fold customers aren’t supposed to remove the protective film at all, and Samsung strongly advises against it.

Why? Well, because if you do this, you’re peeling off the one layer that prevents the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s screen from breaking in a similar fashion to the original Galaxy Fold’s display. Whether you’re doing it cautiously or not is irrelevant. Once that protective film is removed, your foldable display will become much more susceptible to the type of damage that turns the entire screen black as if it was dunked in a tub of ink.

So, here’s the moral of the day. If you have a Galaxy Z Fold 4, you shouldn’t even try removing the protective film atop the foldable display, regardless of whether or not its absence has an effect on the crease. Unlike screen protectors for regular smartphones that have a sheet of glass on top of the display, these built-in Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen protectors are a structural part of the display and are meant to stay there. Samsung even tucked the film’s edges away to make sure that Galaxy Z Fold 4 customers who attempt peeling it off have a hard time starting the process.

Unless you want your Galaxy Z Fold 4 to break a few weeks or months from now, steer clear of this piece of “advice” that’s traveling around the web. Keep in mind that the film isn’t supposed to be removed, so if you go ahead with this procedure and your foldable display breaks a few weeks or months from now, the excuse of “my Fold’s display broke randomly” simply won’t fly with Samsung’s repair centers, Community Forum moderators, or anyone with basic knowledge of how one should take care of their foldable phones.

Our advice is to steer clear of TikTok-grade “life hacks” and instead follow Samsung’s guidelines for maintaining your Galaxy Z Fold 4, and you’ll most likely be fine. And if you can’t live with the crease, you’re better off trying to return or sell the phone and recover your money than breaking one of the most expensive components: the foldable screen.

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