Emmerdale spoilers – Leyla’s fate confirmed after overdose

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed Leyla Harding’s fate following her drug overdose. This week has seen Leyla’s drug addiction spiral to the point where she collapsed at home after taking cocaine.

Friday’s (August 5) episode opened with the nurse telling Jacob and Victoria that Leyla had stabilized from a heart attack and wouldn’t need the breathing tube much longer.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to assess any neurological damage until she’s fully conscious,” the nurse acknowledged.

Jacob was left grappling with how his mum could have been using cocaine under their noses, but was furious when Victoria admitted David had seen Leyla taking drugs a few weeks earlier.

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“She played us all,” a furious Jacob seethed as he stormed out of the lobby.

Back in the village, Liam was still resistant to the idea that Leyla was actually addicted to cocaine when Cain encouraged him to “get your head around it” as soon as possible.

Cain insisted on a “reality check” by searching Take a Vow for evidence of more drugs – and that’s exactly what he found. Cain found the massive cocaine brick Leyla was hiding for dealer Callum, leaving Liam stunned.

“Whatever your missus got herself involved in, she’s in way above her head,” Cain warned.

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Cain agreed to sort the drugs so Liam wouldn’t worry about it, then made a plan with Suzy to get even with dealer Callum.

Leyla was waking at this point over at the hospital, with Victoria having to break the news about the heart attack because Jacob and Liam were nowhere to be found.

Victoria went to Liam to try to convince him to go see Leyla, but only stepped in it again when she revealed David had tried to get her help without consulting him.

“It’s what the man thrives on,” Liam quipped. “Any damsel in distress, he’s there like a limpet.”

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Likewise, Priya turned up at the hospital to encourage Jacob to put aside his feelings of betrayal to support Leyla so she can attempt a recovery.

“My guess is she’s going to be feeling very alone right now,” Priya told him.

Jacob finally went to Leyla’s bedside with tears in his eyes, as she explained the drugs were an “escape” from the unhappiness she’d been feeling.

When Victoria returned, Leyla assumed Liam must be parking the car, but soon got the disheartening news he wasn’t coming to visit her.

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For more on drug addiction and dependency, including information and support, please visit FRANK or Action on Addiction.

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