Black Portraits Get New Names, and a New Show

LONDON — In the early 20th century, Glyn Philpot was one of Britain’s most respected portrait painters. The artist was known for depicting high-society sitters in a style mimicking the old masters, so his works sat comfortably on the walls of his clients’ country homes alongside generations of their family members. “All the papers are … Read more

Flung pickle token: artist asks $10,000 for McDonald’s burger ingredient | art

A NZ$10,000 artwork consisting of a single slice of pickle plucked from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and flung on to the ceiling of an Auckland art gallery is a deliberately “provocative gesture” designed to question what has value, the artist’s gallery says. The work, titled Pickle, belongs to Sydney-based Australian artist Matthew Griffin, and is one … Read more

Why Provenance Matters to Art Collectors

Art Market Brian Ng The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent raid of the Orlando Museum of Art showed the power of provenance, or a record of an artwork’s ownership history: According to the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant, the origin stories of 25 Jean-Michel Basquiat works, which also weren’t authenticated by his estate, … Read more

Manifesta 14 Hits the Mark With a Show that Probes Kosovo’s Turbulent Past and Its Asymmetrical Power Relations With the EU

“Is it a sin that I have been born as Albanian in Kosova?” Driton Hajredini asks a Catholic priest from the concealed darkness of a confession booth. Born in Prishtina, Kosovo’s capital, Hajredini is, as he tells the priest, a Muslim. Might this man of a Christian God clarify why he and his fellow Kosovars … Read more

Artist Peter Max’s son can’t boot sister off company board: judge

Artist Peter Max’s son has lost his bid to oust his sister as a director at their dad’s company, a judge has ruled. The son of the psychedelic painter, Adam Max, sued sister Libra Max last year seeking to force her to hold a special shareholder’s meeting so he could vote in a new board … Read more

DJ and illustrator Jer Dee on finding a personal style which channels the dynamism of dancing

When traipsing through Jerwin Dee’s portfolio, you are equally likely to come across a balletic warrior wielding an ancient sword as you are a club night raver, suited and booted in Nike tracksuits and trainers. But whatever subject Jer dreams up, each illustration is invigorated with a palpable sense of dynamism, movement and dance music. … Read more