The Top 13 Strongest Characters in Naruto (Ranked)

Practically all anime series are known for their ridiculously overpowered characters. And the strongest Naruto characters certainly follow that trend to the max. The goku franchise was responsible for the infamous “It’s over 9,000!” meme. But you could easily argue that Naruto possesses the characters that pack the biggest punch. So let’s rank the top … Read more

Is Sasuke a better father than Naruto? 

The fanbase has always compared Naruto and Sasuke, especially regarding their combat abilities since they are some of the strongest characters that the series has produced. However, ever since the boruto series made its debut, these two have been compared for things other than their ability to fight. Fans are constantly seen arguing about who … Read more

10 Times Fans Felt Like The Series Was Cheating

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are praised for their engaging fight scenes and thematic storytelling. However, much of the fan base will concede that the series has suffered from poor writing choices, particularly in character conflict and relationships. RELATED: 10 Best Anime Set During A War Although the Naruto series created some of the best action … Read more

Naruto Cosplay Buffs Up Rock Lee

Rock Lee might not be a current part of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but the ninja remains a beloved figure in the history of the Shonen franchise. First leaving his mark thanks to his legendary battle with the Sand Ninja, Gaara, the young ninja focused more on improving his physical attributes than on learning jutsus. … Read more

The Reason Naruto Fans Hate The Character Change In Boruto

Since the release of “Boruto,” questionable character designs have plagued the series. And that particularly goes for one figure. Ever since Gaara’s introduction in “Boruto,” the character has been the primary focus of fan backlash. As Kazekage, fans have never questioned the character’s actions or personality, especially since he isn’t as prominent a character as … Read more