10 Best Twins In Anime

Twin siblings are a curious natural phenomenon. Two humans sharing their mother’s womb for nine months and being born within minutes of each other is neat. They might look alike, but they might not. Twins occur in anime as well, and they can be a highlight of the show. RELATED: The 10 Coolest Female Anime … Read more

Episodes 6-7 – Engage Kiss

How would you rate episode 6 orEngage Kiss? Community score: 4.1 If you’ve ever fantasized about a nun in knee-high boots choking you to death between her thighs, then boy, does Engage Kiss have the episode for you. Sharon is only the latest member in the long and storied religious order, Sisters of Immaculate Anime … Read more

Chinese anime fan claims police interrogated her for wearing a kimono

Wearing a white kimono decorated with images of red flowers and green leaves, the young woman said she was waiting in line for a snack on Wednesday evening in Huaihai street, a lively food strip popular for its Japanese bars and restaurants, when she and her photographer were suddenly surrounded by police. The woman, who … Read more

One Piece Film: Red Becomes 2nd Highest-Grossing Anime Film in Franchise With 6.47 Billion Yen Made in 9 Days

One Piece Movie: Red continues to sail through the Japanese box office, with Mantan Web reporting its box office takings after the film’s first full week in Japanese theaters and second holiday weekend, revealing just how well Luffy, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates and Uta is performing in the franchise’s home country. As … Read more