Archie Battersbee’s mother says she’s done everything she can, as son to be taken off life support

The mother of Archie Battersbee has said she has done everything she promised her son she would do as the family prepare for his life support to be withdrawn on Saturday morning.

Archie will be taken off life support on Saturday morning, his family said on Friday after losing a last-ditch attempt to move the 12-year-old to a hospice.

A spokesperson for the family said the hospital had informed them that it would be withdrawing life support at 10am on Saturday.

However, Barts Health NHS Trust said its position remains the same in that no changes will be made to Archie’s care “until the outstanding legal issues are resolved”.

In an interview with Sky News, recorded on Friday, Archie’s mother Hollie Dance, of Southend, Essex, said she is “pretty broken” and that the day had been “absolutely awful”.

Breaking down, she said: “The last however many weeks since 7th April, I don’t think there’s been a day that hasn’t been awful really.”

Ms Dance added: “It’s been really hard. Despite the hard strong face and appearance obviously in front of the cameras up until now, I’ve been pretty broken.”

Well wishers gather outside hospital

Outside the Royal London Hospital, where the 12-year-old has been on life support for more than 100 days – they laid flowers and lit candles.

Kerry Walton, a hairdresser from Archie’s home town of Southend, laid a bouquet at the feet of the statue of Queen Alexandra, one of the hospital’s most famous benefactors.

“I’ve got two children aged seven and two and I just can’t imagine how Archie’s parents must be feeling,” said Ms Walton, 36. “As a mother I can appreciate what Archie’s mum was trying to do – gain more time for her son. If it was me I’d try to get home from anywhere- even just a glimmer of it.”


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