Alex Drummond Tips for Improving Mental Health

Alex Drummond is one of the most open-hearted people you could know, which is what makes her such a sweet older sister to the other Drummond kids! She’s not afraid to wear her heart on her leave, whether that’s sharing something extra personal like advice to her younger self or her #relatable celebrity crush (FYI, it’s a Grey’s Anatomy actor).

That openness is a quality that runs in the family! Her mama Ree was super candid last year about how she lost weight and shared what worked for her as “a lover of food and avoider of exercise.” 😂 But Ree Drummond didn’t reveal her weight loss journey as a self-celebration—she shared to help others become healthier, too. In a recent Instagram, Alex was also honest about her health, specifically mental health.

Like anyone else, Alex isn’t immune to days when she’s feeling down. While she apologized for going “MIA” on Instagram for a few days, Alex also explained that it’s okay to take time for yourself away from social responsibilities if you’re feeling low. One of those “me time” strategies that help her feel better is her facial routine (hence sharing while giving a tutorial). Her final, major piece of advice for improving her mood?

Simply going for a walk.

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“Get your booty outside. That to me is the cure to 9 out of 10 bad days,” she said. “Just going on a little walk, being in the outdoors, in the sunshine, and getting fresh air. It can make your life and your day so much better.”

Alex’s mental health tip may be intuitive for her, but it’s a scientifically proven strategy! Studies have shown that long-distance walking or walking in nature can contribute to positive feelings of wellness.

So, the three sage tips to improve mental health: Take a break from social media. ✅ Find a renewing routine that makes you feel good. ✅ Go for a walk outside.

alex drummond mental health tips

Alex Drummond/Instagram

Remember to bring water if you’re walking for several miles! Oh, and it helps to have a basset hound for company.

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