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  • Galarian Articuno is a Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon
  • Galarian Zapdos is a Fighting/Flying-type Pokemon
  • Galarian Moltres is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon

Currently, none of the Galar Birds stand out in Raids. Galarian Articuno could beat out Kantonian Moltres in the future as a Flying-type, should it get a Flying-type Fast Move and either Sky Attack or Fly. Galarian Zapdos could also be a top Fighting-type Pokemon, should it get its signature attack Thundurus Kick in the future as a good Charge Move. Galarian Moltres is unfortunately cursed with an Atk stat that’s too low for modern Raid attackers.

In Trainer Battles, all 3 Galar Birds have potential. Galarian Articuno is effectively a glass cannon version of Lugia, trading its bulk and neutral Dragon Tail for Confusion, Psycho Cut, and Brave Bird. This suggests it may be effective in Ultra League and not too bad in the Great League. Galarian Moltres parallels Vullaby, with Wing Attack instead of Air Slash and Payback instead of Foul Play. This suggests it could be a budget sidegrade for Vullaby in the Great League and could be the Ultra League’s Vullaby. Galarian Zapdos stands out as a completely unique Pokemon in PvP, with a devastating Counter + Close Combat + Brave Bird combination (along with Ancient Power for perfect coverage). Hawlucha may creep on this niche in the future, but doesn’t carry Counter in the current game files, suggesting Galarian Zapdos may keep this niche.

The PvP potential of the Galar Birds is exciting but may be a concern for meta minded players, as they’re only available through this completely random system and have abysmal catch rates. While they may be added to Raids in the future, their Raid versions won’t be able to reach 1500 CP. Even if they are added as one time special research rewards, there would still be a disparity in access related to PvP IVs. Considering Play Pokemon now hosts an official Pokemon GO Championship circuit with cash prizes, Pokemon GO should heavily consider adding features to the game addressing accessibility and IV control going forward.

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