10 Worst Anime Series We’re Glad Are Over

Anime is one of today’s most popular forms of serialized storytelling, and it can be enjoyed either episodically or by binge-watching. That being said, not all anime series are good or even entertainingly bad. Some anime are so disappointing that they drain all positivity by their finales, or they’re so bad that they leave viewers stunned.

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It isn’t hyperbolic to say that some shows were chores, rather than entertaining time-killers. While some bad anime still had their fans, most are glad they are finished and never coming back. Only time will tell if these shows will be redeemed but, for now, they’re better off concluded and lost to the sands of time.

10 Tsukihime Was A Big Disservice To The Nasuverse

Asking Nasuverse fans to decide which of the sprawling franchise’s anime is the best is an exercise in futility, but they will unanimously agree that Tsukihime is the worst. in letter, Tsukihime was poorly received. Everything from the writing to the animation was lackluster. The visual novel’s fans consider the anime to be a missed opportunity, considering the great source material.

Watching Tsukihime wasn’t particularly fun for anime lovers, and it was worse for the visual novel’s fans. The Nasuverse bounced back with better and even now-iconic anime like Fate/Zerobut Tsukihime was one of its awkward first steps forward. The visual novels still sell well, but it will be some time before Tsukihime gets animated again.

9 King’s Game The Animation Was A Bad Adaptation

Edgy death game anime have their place, and King’s Games manga and live-action movie are some of this trend’s most infamous examples. The anime also has some infamy to its name, but not for the same schlocky reasons that solidified the previous King’s Game adaptations as entertaining exploitation fiction.

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King’s Game The Animation unwisely crammed both the original manga and its sequel into one 12-episode cour. This predictably led to a rushed story that simultaneously had too much and not enough plot to make sense. Unlike other fun bad death game anime, King’s Game The Animation didn’t have many redeeming factors.

8 Magical Warfare’s Anime Was Disowned By Its Author

while Magical Warfares premise about an ordinary high schooler learning magic in a sorcerer’s academy isn’t the most original, it could’ve at least made for a long, entertaining anime in the hands of the right creators. sorry, Magical Warfare got a standard 12-episode anime despite being 12 light novels long.

Magical Warfare was a generic fantasy school-life anime. Worse, the story was so rushed that it was riddled with plot holes and a nonsense ending. Given how bad things were, Magical Warfare only lasted one court. As a result of its poor reception, author Hisahi Suzuki disowned the anime.

7 The Promised Neverland Boasts A Great First Season, But A Disappointing Second

At the time of its conclusion, The Promised Neverlands manga was heralded as one of Shonen Jump’s best new titles and a genre-defying dark fantasy like no other. This glowing reception also applied to the anime adaptation’s stellar first season, but the goodwill Emma and company received was scuttled by its disappointing second season.

Thanks to a perfect storm of bad production decisions, The Promised Neverlands second season deviated from the manga, angered its audience, and promptly gave up before the finale. The manga does deserve the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood reboot treatment but, given the anime’s notoriety, it should stay concluded for the time being.

6 My Sister, My Writer Was Made Worse By A Nightmarish Production Cycle

on its surface, My Sister, My Writer is another harem anime. In the series, an ordinary high schooler (Yuu Nagami) falls for his younger sister and gets an unwanted harem in the process. What sets My Sister, My Writer apart from the rest is the fact that it was so difficult to make.

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In one of the episode’s end credits, a certain penname roughly translated to “We’re in serious trouble.” Everything about My Sister, My Writer was either rushed or unfinished, and these elements only emphasized the poorly-written plot. By all accounts, My Sister, My Writer was tough for audiences to endure, and doubly so for those who actually made it.

5 Pupa’s Graphic Scenes Were The Beginning Of Its Problems

puppies manga is notorious for excessive gore and disturbing sexual themes (most prominently, a sibling romance) but, if adapted correctly, it could’ve made for an appropriately morbid horror anime. instead, puppies anime has been regarded as one of the all-time worst anime and worst examples of the horror genre.

As tasteless as some of puppies scenes were, its biggest shortcomings were a bad script, poor animation, poorly-handled scares, and worst of all, an episode length that didn’t even reach five minutes. To add insult to injury, pupa was subjected to censorship when it aired. Horror fans love their guilty pleasures, but pupa didn’t gain a fan base.

4 Pilot Candidate Was So Bad That Adult Swim Buried It

Pilot Candidate (or The Candidate For Goddess in Japan) wasn’t the most remarkable mecha manga, but it had its fans. Its anime, conversely, is so bad that it became legendary. in 2000, Pilot Candidate aired 12 episodes before it was abruptly canceled due to low ratings and poor production quality. It got a final OVA later, but this didn’t help matters.

Besides its generic story and subpar CGI animation, Pilot Candidate is notorious for airing just once on Adult Swim before it was buried. Worse, Adult Swim aired the PG Toonami cut, meaning Pilot Candidate made even less sense than it already did. Adult Swim’s anime, even the bad ones, have their fans, but Pilot Candidate has very few.

3 Berserk (2016) Was Difficult For The Manga’s Fans To Endure

A lot has already been said at the expense of Berserk’s most recent anime, but it bears repeating. Besides its poor digital animation, the new Berserk squandered the solid foundation laid down by The Golden Age Arc cinematic trilogy and, worse, the opportunity to bring some of the highly revered manga’s most integral arcs to life.

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Berserk is one of the most celebrated dark fantasies ever made, and the events after The Eclipse deserved better than being crammed into a meager 24 episodes. It may not be long before Berserk gets animated again – especially now with the manga’s continuation – but this specific version should get buried before then.

2 Gibiate’s Bad Direction Wasted Its Talented Creative Team

conceptually, Gibiate had everything going for it. Talented creatives were behind the anime, as frequent Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano provided character designs, and Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desires manga artist Naoki Serizawa designed the creatures. Problem is, these talented creators all answered to showrunner Ryo Aoki’s direction.

Aoki’s previous anime were flops, and Gibiate was no exception. To make matters worse, Gibiate featured some of the worst compositing of 3D and 2D animation ever seen. Gibiate is only remembered for its bad quality, and it’s safe to say that no one’s clamoring for more.

1 EX-ARM Was Almost Impossible To Watch

There’s no recent anime as legendarily bad as EX-ARM. on its own, EX-ARM is a cyberpunk anime, and its premise sounds more like a ’90s-era OVA than something aired in 2021. Seeing it in motion, however, is another experience entirely. Audiences have claimed that EX-ARM is one of the ugliest anime ever made.

nevertheless, EX-ARM had otherproblems. EX-ARMs generic story could’ve been saved if it were fun, but watching the anime was an endurance test. With 12 episodes, EX-ARM overstayed its welcome and its conclusion was a blessing to both its creators and viewers.

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